About Us

Walter Kent Murray Sr., Walter Kent Murray Jr., and Max A. Murray in the late 1930's.
Murray Cider Company has been in the apple juice business since 1938. We are a family business that prides itself on a consistent quality product and a true respect for customers. We call Virginia home and can easily recognize everyday the impact that agriculture has had on Virginia's rich history. My Grandfather, W. Kent Murray Jr. and my Great-Uncle Max A. Murray began making cider from a hand-cranked press in 1929 after a hailstorm swept through the valley and damaged our entire crop of apples.

Then, in the following harvest seasons as an incentive to sell Murray's Apples, they would give away a jug of apple cider with a bushel of apples. It did not take long for our customers to come to love the taste of 100% natural juice. We have been pleasing them ever since.

From the late 30's until the late 70's our family ran the apple juice business, and maintained our own apple orchards. In the late 1970's we made a decision to focus solely on producing quality apple juice, forcing us to close our family's apple orchards. Now in 2005, more than 95% of our juice is made from Virginia-Grown apples (the remaining 5% comes from WV growers) and we are one of the very few producers who can say that apples are our only ingredient.

The Murray Family in 2005.
Our operation and manufacturing procedures have changed with the times but our apple juice and apple cider have not changed. We feel that if you are going to drink apple juice or apple cider, then that's exactly what you should drink. Making our juice here at Murray Cider Company is our passion and we cannot express enough how much we appreciate those who realize the hard work and dedication that goes into every single jug of Murray's Cider and Apple Juice.

Hopefully, you have gotten to know us a little better by now and have a little more of an idea of what we do and how we do it. Feel free to contact us here at Murray Cider Company if you have any questions or ideas, 540-977-9000.